For 120 years, MMA has championed manufacturers through legislative advocacy, workforce development, education, training, networking and cost savings. We know how important it is to maintain an atmosphere that helps manufacturing thrive. MMA remains committed to this goal.

Starting in 2018, we created the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan to recognize the most innovative, game-changing, groundbreaking, cutting edge product from the industry that employs over 630,000 and produces $102 billion in goods each year.

Given the past years’ interest in this people choice award, MMA is committed to increasing exposure to the cool products made in Michigan in and outside our industry.  Our goal is to  highlight the things you’ve made to millions of people that experience the benefits of using these products and the economic impact to all those that call Michigan home.

As our past winners can attest, the value of this program has created a diverse positive impact on their companies. Employee pride, sales opportunities, community recognition and new strategic partnerships are just a few of the benefits participants have gained from this program … all at no cost.

Nominations for the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan are collected from June to August of each year.

Two rounds of people’s choice voting will determine a Top 10 and Top 3, with the final “Coolest” winner being revealed at the 2024 Manufacturing Excellence Awards. 

Previous winning products were created by manufacturers of all different sizes and product focuses. Michigan represents the most diverse manufacturing center in perhaps the entire world. And just as it has since the industrial revolution, through the efforts of manufacturers, Michigan will continue to be the cradle of innovation and invention for generations to come. 

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2024 Manufacturing EXCELLENCE AWARDS

The annual Manufacturing Excellence Awards celebration is the only one of its kind in Michigan. Through the Awards program, MMA helps recognize what makes Michigan manufacturing the best in the world! The Awards shine a light on the individuals and organizations creating the products that shape our economy and improve our daily lives.

Save the date for the 2024 Manufacturing Excellence Awards being held on November 6, 2024 in the Capital Region