What is the Coolest Thing Made in Michigan?

Cool products are made by Michigan manufacturers every day and now’s the time to let everyone know. MMA is seeking the best-of-the-best from Michigan manufacturers whose homegrown ingenuity is leading the entire industry into the future. Every innovative product has a story to tell – we want to hear yours and share that with over a million Michigan consumers.

As our past nominees and winners can attest, the value of this program has created a diverse positive impact on their companies. Employee pride, sales opportunities, community recognition and new strategic partnerships are just a few of the benefits participants have gained from this program – all at no cost. Do you have a favorite Michigan-made product that deserves recognition? Nominate today!


Round 2 voting is complete! The winner will be revealed at the MFG Excellence Awards on Thursday, 11/10/22, in Lansing. Register to attend.


Winner revealed at the 2022 MFG Excellence Awards!

The annual MFG Excellence Awards celebration is the only one of its kind in Michigan. Through the Awards program, MMA helps recognize what makes Michigan manufacturing the best in the world! The Awards shine a light on the individuals and organizations creating the products that shape our economy and improve our daily lives.

Save the date for the 2022 MFG Excellence Awards on Thursday, November 10, 2022 in Lansing.


Exotic Automation and Supply
World’s Largest Hydraulic Power Unit

Hemlock Semiconductor Operations
Hyper-Pure Polysilicon

Peninsular Cylinder Co.
Custom Booster Cylinder

Stormy Kromer
Original Stormy Kromer Cap


“Being voted as the 2021 winner of The Coolest Thing Made in Michigan is truly an honor! We were able to show that we have the engineering and technical resources right here in Michigan to compete on the international stage. Our entire team worked extremely hard to meet this challenge and it’s wonderful that they’re being recognized for that.”

Steve Orlando, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Exotic Automation and Supply
2021 Winner – World’s Largest Hydraulic Power Unit

“We’re delighted to be chosen as Michigan’s ‘Coolest Thing’ manufacturer. It’s exciting that we were recognized for that, and we have a great team here at Hemlock who work very hard at what we do.”

Phil Dembowski
Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
Hemlock Semiconductor Operations
2020 Winner – Hyper Pure Polysilicon

“The honor to have the title for The Coolest Thing Made in Michigan in 2019 confirms our credibility as an innovative cylinder manufacturer and is a boost for all of our employees who can be proud of their skill set and contributions. This win affords us a new opportunity to market specific design features to other manufacturers that could benefit from the aspects of the innovations we have utilized.”

Bud Haver, President
Peninsular Cylinder Company
2019 Winner – Custom Booster Cylinder

“I can’t tell you how much it means to be recognized by people in Michigan for our cap. We’ve always thought the cap represents something that resonates with people; there’s a work ethic to it and we always hear people share the stories and memories that connect with it. But to be recognized like we were — it means a lot to the whole team.”

Gina Jacquart Thorsen, President
Jacquart Fabric Products Inc.
2018 Winner – Original Stormy Kromer Cap